Sunday, April 30, 2006

Foodgasms and Landmines

My mouth is enjoying a foodgasm right now. Flavors are partying in my mouth. Tonight I made hibachi style steak & mushrooms, sesame onions and zucchini, sweet jasmine rice, and golden shrimp sauce. Alexis, Brett, and I agreed that the only thing that would have made the dinner better would have been to add some pot-stickers.

If you have never tried sweet jasmine rice, do yourself a favor and pick up a box or bag at your grocery store. It has a slightly sweet taste that offsets spicy heat in the main dish. It can be substituted for plain rice in any dish but is perfectly matched with Thai or Japanese dishes.

One of the things that I love about food is the memories behind certain recipes. Almost everything I cook, I have learned to cook since Alexis and I got married over 11 years ago. So when I make chicken marsala or my perfect ribs, those foodgasm's are mini-celebrations of my relationship with the most wonderful woman on Earth.

Tears from heaven
Gods be praised! Spring is her which means one thing....the first shipment of Vidalia Onions are here! Sweet onion varieties like vidalia's, walla walla's, or jumbo texas are a different creature from the year round varieties like white, yellow or spanish onions. They are juicy, sweet, and don't have that bitter bite.

Rent This Space
If you look to the About Me section on the right, you will see I have someone renting my space for the bargain basement price of 25 BlogExplosion credits. Yes, Ms. Brandi is my first pimp, errr I mean blog renter.

Speaking of Princess Brandi, she and I where having an innocuous instant message session. You know, Trevor said this, Angel did that, or Alexis and I went to Pelancho's for lunch.

Then I stepped on a mental landmine. An innocent comment triggered a deeper discussion. Before we knew it, we were discussing some painful memories in both of our pasts.

What is a mental landmine? A repressed memory or denied feeling that was perfectly hidden below the surface explodes when stepped on by a comment by a friend, family member, or co-worker. You instantly go from talking about the weather to discussing unresolved feelings about the death of a loved one or a traumatic event from your life.

If you find yourself asking, "How in the HELL did we end up talking about THAT?", you probably just stepped on a mental landmine.

OOooohh I just had another thought. You know how Princess Di was an activist against the use of landmines because they claim innocent victims years after a war has ended? Mental landmines are like that too. They are relics of a war long over, battles that we thought were only memories yet they still claim victims, victims that were not even around when that war was fought.

Ok, I'm done with the analogies......

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